First World Pantomime Conference



Amiran Shalikashvili will to be honored guest at the first World Pantomime Conference, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia.


Amiran Shalikashvili, the founder of the Georgian pantomime, is invited to the honored guest at first international conference of the World pantomime.

The World first  Pantomime Conference and World Students’ Festival will be held in Belgrade, Serbia on 21-23 March.

The goal of the World Mime Organization is to merge Pantomime, Theater and Dance Professionals. Gathering the theoretics, producers, agents in one space from different countries and stimulating relations between the representatives of the arts related to pantomime.

Between the world’s 14 high level professionals, Georgia will be invited to the conference as a VIP guest. One of the goals of the Belgrade Conference is the development plans of Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marseau, Amiran Shalikashvili and other important figures in the field of pantomime.

With the founder of the Georgian pantomime, at the conference will be attend also the director of the Theater  Amiran Shalikashvili Junior, who will come with the speech to the society and talk about the success and development of the Georgian pantomime.