Of Shalikashvili

School of Shalikashvili to the World:

  • Pantomime
  • Make-up
  • Biomechanics
  • Acrobatics
  • Modernist Style

A text book is coming out soon which covers the world pantomime that means that the students will have both practical and theoretical lessons.
A full course lasts one month. Course cost includes:

1) Study. 2) Hotel. 3) Food. 4) Internal transport. 5) Text book. 6) Visit the Tbilisi museums 7) Attending to Shalikashli theater’s 10 performance. 8) Tour (Mtskheta) 9) One evening at a club.

In the end they will be given Certificates of Pantomime

The Certificate will be certified by Shalikashvili School and by the World Mime Organization


International Pantomime School named after Shalikashvili
The essence of the program in terms of stage motion and actor’s skill

Shalikashvili’s school is not only the art of pantomime, we do our best to introduce diversity, so we have chosen an interesting program in this regard. Of course, the greatest essence of the Georgian pantomime will be taught during the whole course but the time changes and modernity is created based on present situation. Today we managed to include modern view. The classics, which Shalikashvili created, is our strength and together with this strength you will learn the following:

  1. First of all, the art of modern pantomime is the identification. When portraying the water, the mime looks like a fish, when portraying the wind, he is transformed into the storm, in case of portraying the bonfire, he is transformed into the fire and in order to portray the feeling, he is transformed into passion.
  2. It has already been proved that pantomime is not the performance for the deaf and the mute, where the standard gestures replace the words, thoughts, feelings, etc. but it is the performance with the scope and spiritual capacity, in which, words stop to exist and instead of them, the true scenario is created portraying the life in order to represent the life events without speech clearly and not in a way of rebus.
  3. The art of pantomime is the continuous process of creation, and like every creativity, it is the struggle… today it is very important to continue this struggle in order the oldest and hardest genre continues existance as a separate genre, not in combination with other genres in which its elements are used a lot. Thus, Amiran Shalikashvili State Pantomime Theatre keeps this position and tries not to forget this genre unlike some foreign countries, which is due to the failure of overcoming the difficulties by the actors/actresses interested in this genre who should professionally hold their bodies, fulfill all the main requirements, which is called the speechless action, creativity of the mime. Stage motion, actor’s skill, sophisticated expressive gestures and physical readiness are the most difficult elements to perform. These elements encourage the mime to astonish the audience and make any literary work understandable for them.

We aim to help the actors/actresses to achieve this goal. We have developed a special program that combines a set of deliberate trainings. All the above – mentioned disciplines provide close interaction of the practical parts of the program such as: stage motion, plasticity, biomechanics, pantomime elements, stylized exercises, modern, acrobatics, Chinese gymnastics and make –up. All of these disciplines help the mime to focus, imagine and manage emotions.

Completion of these programs will bring positive results for the person interested in the genre of pantomime that will help him/her to become a perofessional actor/actress, because, when creating this program we relied on a great practical experience of the Georgian pantomime school established by Amiran Shalikashvili.

Interested applicants can send us a E-Mail or contact us via Facebook page.