Crazy Olympians

October 1, 2023

The Olympic Games were founded in ancient Greece. The first Olympic Games were held in BC 776 in Olympia. Ancient Olympic Games were the religious holidays, which was dedicated to the supreme god – Zeus. During the Olympic Games, for a month, in hole Greece the wars stopped. Today before the Olympic Games president of the International Olympic Committee and secretary general of the United Nations sign the peace treaty for the whole world but unfortunately wars don’t stop for the Olympic Games as they did in ancient Greece In 1896, Baron de Coubertin modernized the Olympic Games. In 2015 Georgia hosted the Youth Olympic Festival. 2016 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Brazil.


Giorgi Gurgenidze, Gigi Loria, Eka Doborjginidze, Vaso Kiparoidze, Irakli Bibiluri, Nini Lortqipanidze, Nino Datunashvili, Salome Pilishvili, Sopo Loladze, Salome Okujava, Marko Stojanovic.

Crazy Olympians” were inspired by the mime performance “Bloody Sports” from 1991, directed and performed by Marko Stojanovic and Rade Markovic.


Directed by: Marko Stojanovic
Assistant Director: Sofo Loladze
Designer: Lasha Devdariani
Choreography: “battle”, “syncronized swimming”, “skating” theater troupe.