Stop Aids

December 1, 2023

The play is staged every time and epoch-issue -drug addiction. The action is being around one character, who lives in a nice, quiet life, has a girlfriend, friends, a family. Suddenly into his life bursts drugs, after which his spiritual world begins to look like hell. He totally plunges into this swamp and die. Relatives suffer everything heavily, all together begins fight against the awful habit and defeat him. Only the weak people are trying to avoid healthy lifestyles, kindness and happiness. This is the leading theme of the performance.


Nino Lortqipanidze, Salome Pilishvili, Sofo Loladze, Salome Okujava, Nino Datunashvili, Eka Doborjginidze, Aamiran SalikaSvili (junior), Irakli bibiluri, Giorgi GurgeniZe, Giorgi TieliZe, Shota QeraSvili, Vasil kiparoize, Gigi Loria.

Stage, Music and Art Director – David Shalikashvili