Terenti Graneli

August 18, 2018

(The pink thrown to the moon) by Revaz mishveladze

The poet was born in a village of Kolkhi. His mother suffers from severe pains of childbirth. Almost all the villagers are helping her trying to get easier her suffering. This is the symbolic overture for making the mood of the whole, performance. Grief and tears never leaves Terenti Graneli’s lonely life in the rough world.
“A birth” is followed by first the first amusement with angels around tree of life.

Thunder and lightning changes the day of youth. The young man suffers and fights to keep his freedom (latching the horses). The world gives the dreamy youngster hard troubles – his house burns as himself then, his father dies. The native home is burning and hopes of lonely young man are burning too.

The scene of autumn shows his arrival to Tbilisi. Tbilisi of twenties – with cafes and confused citizen which was characteristic for big cities.
Everybody looks with surprises at the restless mutineer poet, who suddenly becomes stony and tries to fly out of his body.

It seems that he has found his place even his fussy town. He avoids the noise. It rains in the lonely fields and there are flours too. The poet often visits cemetery.
he tries to settle the bitter mystery of life and sometimes his sensitive look runs towards christ.

He often throws his great poems to his asmirers like the leaves and anxiously listens to the wonderful symphonies pouring from windows.
… And there comes terrible February 25 of 1921. We can see Terenti Graneli among the cadets defending their native land an there, in the struggle of kindness and cruelity, before his eyes falls(dies) the white swan, the first Georgian heroin of the 20th centery – Maro makhashvili.

His motherland is tied with the ropes og Bolshevizm.
The red star executioners cut the poet’s way to people , they don’t hear his words and shut their mouths, CH.K. imprisons the poet and treats to him as all men of arts were treated by despotic govermant in that time.

Terenti Graneli shares Arsakidze’s fate and there is one step from his martyrdom to Galaktion’s suicude.
The mystery of this heart-rending finale lies in Terenti Graneli’s avtivities.

cast :

Terenti – Amiran Shalikashvili junior

Nino lortkipanidze, Sopo Loladze, Salome Pilishvili, Salome Okujava, Eka Doborjginidze, Nino Datunashvili, Ia Miminoshvili, Ana Chigladze, Irakli Bibiluri, Giorgi Gurgenidze, Vasil Kiparoidze, Gigi Loria, Shota Qerashvili, Giorgi Tielidze, Giorgi Apshilava, Giorgi Zviadadze.
Staging and Musical Interpretation by Amiran Shalikashvili